Taking a Short Break, but there will still be comics!!

Hey everyone, I just want to start out by saying thanks for reading! Secondly I’d like to say that for the first time in two years, I will be taking a break from the comic. Now it won’t be too long, just a couple of weeks. I’ll be back after the New Year. This will be a chance for me to have a solid few comics before the update so I won’t be so stressed out. In the mean time what I will give you is a new series. These are called RANT and they are my sketchbook comics that I make about my personal life. I have a few and I’ve always done these so I thought, why not share them? I’ll be posting one or two a day while I’m gone on my Tapastic page linked below. They’re usually about what I’ve been going through, my relationships, family, and struggling with mental illness. It’s sort of a different speed than journey to janus, but I hope you enjoy them.

Happy Holidays,
Coco Lobo